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Stories in Russian Language – Story 10 (of 15) – The Master of short stories

Learn Russian Online - Story 10 - The Master Of Short StoriesSummary in English

2010 was the anniversary of one of the greatest of the great Russian writers.

This great writer was born 150 years ago in the town of Taganrog, which is located in southern Russia. His father was the owner of a small store where all the family members (there were 7 of them) worked.

The great writer began writing very early, even at school. However, after graduation, he entered the medical faculty of Moscow University and became a doctor a few years later.

His first comic stories were published when he was a student at the university.

This special novelist was not only a brilliant writer, but also a wonderful doctor. He treated the poor for free and helped everyone who asked for his help.

All his life he  dreamed of a better future for their homeland, dreaming of a time when Russia becomes a beautiful garden.

Sadly enough, the great writer died early, at age 44, but his works have played a huge role in the development of Russian and world literature. The famous Russian actress Olga Knipper – played in all his performances.

His books are published in many different languages. His plays: “The Seagull,” “Uncle Vanya,” “Three Sisters,” “The Cherry Orchard” and others are performed in theaters all over the world.

Today you will hear about one of his most known short humorous stories, “In the country.”

This story is about Pavel Ivanovich, a family man, who suddenly gets a love-letter from an unknown admirer.

The woman who wrote the letter proposes to meet Pavel Ivanovich at a certain place and time. Of course the combination of curiosity, ego and fantasies makes him decide to go to the meeting.

The story gets  an interesting twist when it turn out that it was not only Pavel Ivanovich that got such a letter but also his wife’s brother, Mitya.

So when they both show up for the meeting but no woman is to be seen, the situation gets a bit awkward.

Who was the great writer? Who was the woman writing the love letter in his famous story?

Find out by getting this story in this series of 15 Stories in Russian Language from How To Learn Russian Language.
Listen to a couple of sentences from this Russian story by clicking the Play Now > button below.

Here are some examples of Russian Grammar in this story:

… глаголы совершенного вида (эти действия произошли один раз) (verbs in Perfective, non-repetitive actions)

… я знаю, что получил …

… нужно было убрать дачу …

… как заставить тебя уйти из дома …

… я послала письмо …

… Митя улыбнулся …

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Anyone who wants to learn Russian Online will benefit from this story. If you are a complete beginner who just started out studying Russian online, it will make you get a feeling for the beautiful Russian language, its intonation and musical variations. Even a fluent or native Russian speaker can enjoy the content and beautiful Russian language.

Listen to the recording and read the text in the PDF-document. This is one of the best ways to get the correct pronunciation and intonation while you learn Russian online.

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