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How To Learn Russian Language - Story 1 - The Clever MouseStory 1 (of 15) – The Clever Mouse

Abstract in English

In this, the first story of 15 available at www.howtolearnrussianlanguage.com, you will meet a very clever mouse who lives in the basement of a house in a city.

In the same house, in one apartment several floors above the basement, lives a young man who often forgets to put away the bread and cheese after his meals.

The small clever mouse likes very much bread and cheese, and the young man does not mind to give some to the mouse when she visits. [“Mouse” is a feminine word in Russian language and therefore we use “her” about the mouse in this story, even if we do not know if the mouse is a he or a she.]

The mouse visit regularly the young man’s flat and there are always some bread and cheese waiting for him there. The young man seems to like the company when the mouse is visiting. They are almost like friends.

Then, one day, a woman appears in the young man’s flat. He has employed a house-keeper. From that day, there are no more bread and cheese waiting when the mouse comes to visit. The housekeeper, a not very pleasant woman, at least not in the eyes of the clever mouse, is carefully putting away everything left over after having prepared the meals.

After several visits to his friends flat, without finding any of his beloved bread and cheese, the clever mouse gives up and stops to visit.

Autumn comes, and with it rain and cold, windy, weather. The mouse has a hard time finding food and decides to make a new visit to the young man’s flat just to see if there might be some bread and cheese waiting for him.

The housekeeper is gone and when the young man sees the mouse once again, he gets very glad and immediately brings out the bread and cheese that he knows his little friend likes so much.

The clever mouse wants to tell his human friend how thankful he is. But he cannot since he does not speak the same language. Instead, the clever mouse gets the idea to bring the young man a gift as a way to say thank you. He runs down to his basement and returns after a while with a piece of paper that he gives to his friend.

Apparently, the young man liked very much the gift and from that moment, there was always bread and cheese waiting when the mouse came to visit. And the mouse was always bringing a nice green paper from his basement storage in exchange for the bread and cheese.

What were those green papers that made the young man that happy? Maybe you have already guessed, but to find out for sure, download Story 1 “The Clever Mouse”, now.

You will get immediate access to the Russian language audio-recording in mp3-format and the Russian text as a pdf-file.

Want to listen to a part off the story? Just click the “PLAY>”-button below and make sure to turn up the volume of your computers’ loudspeakers or headset.

Here are a some examples of Grammatical variations in this story:

… виды глагола движения (aspects of a verb of motion)

приходить (несовершенный вид / imperfective aspect)

прийти (совершенный вид – perfective aspect) куда?, к кому?

… пришла дама (один раз), once

… приходила каждый день (повторяющееся действие / repeated action)

… виды глагола, (aspects of a verb)

убирать (несовершенный вид / imperfective aspect)

убрать (совершенный вид / perfective aspect) что?, куда?

Она убирала квартиру.

Дама убрала всё в холодильник.

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It doesn’t matter which level of Russian language you are at (even if Russian is your native language, you will find the stories entertaining).

Listening to the recording while reading the text, is one of the best ways of how to learn Russian language with the correct pronunciation and intonation.

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  • richard

    Your example audio files do not work. I’ve tried a lot of the examples and no sound plays.

    • ruslan

      Thanks Richard, now it is fixed and you are welcome to listen.

  • Lesley

    I have purchased all 15 stories. Followed the link back and logged in but still says….You can’t see this page because it’s either you don’t have enough access level, or the content isn’t ready yet. Although email says …. Your account has now been activated.

    • ruslan

      Hi Lesley,

      There was a problem with the interlinking between PayPal and this site. I have manually activated the access to all stories for you. Please try again.

      Sorry for the inconvenience!


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