Learn Russian – Story 2 – The Love Letter

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How to learn Russian Language Story 2Story 2 (of 15) – The Love Letter

Summary in English

In this, the second story of 15 available at www.howtolearnrussianlanguage.com, you will again meet the young man who lives in the same house as his friend, the clever mouse from the previous story.

One day, the young man, who, as we now find out, is a writer of short (love-) stories in well-known women journals, receives a perfumed letter in his mailbox.

The letter turns out to be from a female admirer of the young man’s short love-stories. She is from somewhere else, but is now on a short visit to the city where the young writer and his mouse friend lives.

In the letter, the woman-admirer begs the writer to come and visit her at her hotel. She mentions the name of the hotel (which is not far from the house where the young man lives) and her room-number.

Full of expectations, the young writer prepares to leave the flat for his visit to the admirers’ hotel, when he decides to check again the proposed time for the meeting to take place.
It is then he notices the last line that he has missed in his earlier enthusiasm.

After now finally having seen and read it carefully, the young writer’s expectations drastically changes and he has second thoughts about the meeting.

To find out the content of that last line of the letter, you should download the full story in Russian language.

Want to listen to a part off the story? Just click the “PLAY>”-button below and make sure to turn up the volume of your computers’  loudspeakers or headset.

Here are some examples of Russian Grammatik in this story:

… все глаголы употребляются в несовершенном виде / imperfect aspect (т.к. действия повторяются / e.g. repeated action).
… ходить на работу
… продолжал заниматься
… писал истории
… брали его рассказы
… они так нравятся женщинам.

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It doesn’t matter which level of Russian language you are at (even if Russian is your native language, you will find the stories entertaining).

Listening to the recording while reading the text, is one of the best ways of how to learn Russian language with the correct pronunciation and intonation.

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