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Story 4 (of 15) – Meeting at the Theatre

Russian Languagelearning through immersionSummary in English

In this story, which takes place in Moscow many years ago, we are to meet Ira, on the exact day when she got 12 years old.

Of the many gifts she got on her birthday, she liked two most – a book and a ticket to the theatre.

Ira loved to read, and she loved theatre. Therefore, when the time comes to go to the theatre, she brings the book with her.

During the first intermission, instead of walking around, Ira stayed in her seat and continued to read her book. While reading, she began crying bitterly. In the book, its author described his very difficult childhood. After having lost his parents, he had to live in the house of his grandfather. The grandfather was a very hard man and he put his small grandson to hard work and often beat him.

Ira was so engaged in the book that she did not notice the tall, well dressed, man that approached her.

“Little girl, why are you crying?”, asked the tall man.

“I feel so sorry for the small boy in this book”, answered Ira and showed the book to the tall man. She also explained that she got it as a birthday-gift earlier the same day.
After the theatre, Ira met the tall man once again. They walked together towards her home while talking about books and life in general.

Ira liked very much the tall man, because he talked to her like to a grown-up person.

Exactly one year later, on her 13th birthday, Ira got a package from the postman. Surprised, she opened the box. Inside were a book and a card on which she could read: “Dear Ira! Congratulations on your birthday! I hope you will like my new book and that you will not cry reading it. Signed …….”.

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Here are some grammatical examples in this story:
… употребление родительного падежа / Genitive case: кого, чего?

… много разных подарков
… от своих родителей
(множественное число)
… два подарка
(единственное число)

… рефлексивные глаголы ( с “- ся”)

… начался антракт (действие)
… остался без отца
(этот глагол не употребляется без “– ся”)

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