Learn Russian – Story 5 – About Gypsies

How to learn Russian language through immersion.

Immersing yourself in a story written and read in perfect Russian language adopted for foreign students, is the best and most natural way to learn Russian language.

Story 5 (of 15) – About Gypsies

How to learn Russian Language - Story 5 - About GypsiesSummary in English

The mysterious author whom we met in story 4, liked to travel a lot in Russia (and abroad).

In his autobiography, named “My University”, he describes how his travels and meetings with other people were the main contribution to his education.

Among the people he acquainted, were also Gypsies, and, like many other Russian writers, also  …. wrote about the gypsies, their life and their traditions.

One of the books about Gypsies by our mysterious writer, is called “Makar Chudra”. From this book has been made a very famous movie “Tabor uxodit v Neba” (The Gypsie-Camp leaves for Heaven). This story is about the main events in this book and in the film.

The Hero of the movie is Zobar, young, handsome, brave and maybe foolishly emotional. When he meets the beautiful but independent, Rada, their destinies are forever entwined.
He falls in love with Rada and does everything she asks him. Which is a lot.

Finally, Rada admits that she loves Zobar but also that she loves her freedom more than any man and any money. Only if Zobar kneels in front of her and kiss her hand, she will marry him.
“No”, cries the proud Zobar, and …

This story also brings us behind the curtain of the most famous Gypsy theatre in the world, Theatre Romain. This theatre was established already 1931 and has since then been run by a family dynasty.
Today’s director, Nikolay Slitjenko, recently celebrated his birthday and among the people congratulating him, were both the President and the Prime-Minister of Russia.

If you have a chance while in Moscow, do not miss to see the performance “We Gypsies” that has been playing at Theatre Romain for more than 25 years by now.

To find out what Zobar did to Rada, after her demand, download this story now together with 14 other entertaining and educating stories.

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Here are some examples of Russian Grammar in this story:

… форма императива глаголов (verbs in imperative)
Отдай мне свою дочку …
Возьми, если сможешь …
Будь моей женой …
Поцелуй мою руку …
Встань на колени …
(если вам нужно употребить вежливую форму глагола или множественное число, вы должны прибавить “-те”)
отдайте …, возьмите … и т.д.

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