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Stories in Russian Language – Story 8 (of 15) – A Moscow Patron

How To Learn Russian Language - Story 8 - A Moscow PatronSummary in English

In this chapter of How to Learn Russian Language, Elena will take you to one of the most famous museums in Moscow – the Tretyakov Gallery.

This story, read in perfect Russian especially for international students of Russian language, tells about how the rich Moscow manufacturer, Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov, founded his Galley based upon his own art-collection.

Tretyakov understood the importance of art in the society. He was a real humanitarian Russian patriot. At a time when many others didn’t believe in “the Russian School of Art”, Pavel Mikhailovich decided to create his Gallery to show the world the wonders of real Russian art.

In 1856, 24 years old, he bought the first two paintings in his collection. At that time he didn’t think about a gallery. He just wanted to support talented Russian painters.

However, only four years later, his collection of Russian paintings had grown so much that he could open a Museum of Art.

Tretyakov dedicated 40 years and all his free capital to the support of Russian art and artists.

His goal was to create, through the paintings by young Russian artists, an “Encyclopaedia” of life in Russia.

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Here are some examples of Russian Grammar in this story:

Употребление и формы родительного падежа (Use of Genitive Case)

… сорок лет (родительный падеж, множественное число)

… энциклопедия русской жизни (singular)

… много сил (plural)

… популяризация русского искусства (singular)

… выставки картин (plural)

… из своей коллекции (singular)

… в городах России (singular)

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This story in Russian language will be useful for everyone. If you are a complete beginner who just started out studying Russian, it will make you get a feeling for the beautiful Russian language, its intonation and musical variations. Even a fluent or native Russian speaker can enjoy the content and beautiful Russian language.

Listen to the recording and read the text in the PDF-document. This is one of the best ways to get the correct pronunciation and intonation of your Russian language.

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