Russian Language – Story 11 – We Go To The Bolshoi

Russian Language is one of the richest languages in the world.

For every Russian word there is a queue of synonyms waiting to be used by any aspiring writer.

Nowhere else is this so apparent as at the theater. And in this story you will learn about the most famous of all Russian theaters.

Stories in Russian Language – Story 11 (of 15) – We go to the Bolshoi

Russian Language - Story 11 - We Go To The BolshoiSummary in English

This story takes place in Moscow in the autumn. The theater season has just started and we will pay a visit to the most famous theater in Russia, if not in the whole world.

Autumn is a special time in Russia. Many claims that this time of the year fits the Russian soul better than any other season.

The most famous Russian poet wrote like this about the autumn:

How quickly flew summer! Here come the golden autumn. Around the yellow and red leaves. Beautiful!

“Autumn Romance, enchantment of eyes,

Pleasing to me your farewell beauty … “

 Indeed, the nature is bidding farewell to summer with bright colors. And people are saying goodbye to summer and say, “Hello, Autumn!” We love this time of year. Why? – You ask. Yes, because all the theatrical troupe returned from a tour (tours) of different cities and countries, and begins a theatrical season.

The theater we will visit was opened on January 18, 1825

The architect of theater – Osip Bove was also the chief architect of Moscow. Under his leadership, was reconstructed Red Square, Alexander Garden was created and Theater Square.

So, we at Theater Square. Today, a quiet autumn evening. As always, the theater a lot of people. And we are among them …

Imagine (imagine), that we are entering the auditorium. How beautiful here! The very atmosphere of the theater creates a festive mood. We take its place. Artists are preparing for the show. The orchestra is ready to begin playing the immortal music of the great Russian composer Tchaikovsky.

Today we will look at one of the classics of the theater “Sleeping Beauty”. Music to the fairy tale by Charles Perrault was written by Tchaikovsky in 1889.

Slowly the lights go out. We hear the first sounds of music that transports us from the hall of the theater in a fairy tale.

We have before us a wonderful palace, where live the king and queen. They were kind and nice, but they were not happy because they had no children.

And then, finally, the long-awaited daughter was born. Her name is Aurora. The king and queen invited to the celebration of important guests. They all wish little princess happiness.

Good Fairies have prepared wonderful gifts. We hear merry holiday music. The youngest Fairy said that Princess Aurora will be the most beautiful girl. Another fairy gives her a good heart. The third, a great voice, and a fourth fairy promise that the princess would be the best dancer.

The fifth fairy says: “I want the princess to know how to play all musical instruments.”

And finally, the sixth fairy princess gives gift (a talent) to understand the language of birds and other animals.

Suddenly you can hear dramatic music. The door opens, in comes a seventh fairy, on old, evil, fairy. She had not been invited to the feast, and was very angry. She predicts: “When the princess turns 16, she will prick a finger and die.”

The king and queen start to cry. But at this point it is time for the youngest fairy who has not yet made a gift to the princess. She asks everyone to stop crying, because she will do so that Aurora will not die, just fall asleep and will sleep a hundred years. And then a handsome prince will come and wake her up.

The king orders the destruction of all sharp things possible to harm the princess, and soon everyone forgot about this terrible prediction.

After 16 happy years, the princess’s birthday is celebrated in the palace. All guests are having a good time. Aurora has a many friends and they have all come to celebrate.

Suddenly an old woman appears in the hall. She gives the princess a bouquet of flowers. The old woman is the wicked fairy an in the bouquet is hidden a needle. Aurora pricks her finger and immediately falls asleep. And along with her, the entire kingdom.

In a hundred years we are again near the palace. We see the prince. He came into the forest to hunt when he notices a palace. To get this palace is almost impossible – large trees are growing around. Finally, he manages to enter the palace, and finds the sleeping princess. She is so beautiful that the prince at once falls in love with her. He kisses the sleeping beauty, and she wakes up. And together with her the king, queen and the entire kingdom.

What a feast there is. Joyful music sounds. Everyone is happy.

The play is over. We are also happy. Beautiful music and talented artists have made a big impression. We will remember this night for a long time.

For sure, you have heard about the big famous theater before. But who was the greatest Russian poet that wrote about autumn?

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Here are some examples (from many) of Russian Grammar in this story.

… употребление творительного падежа          кем, чем?

… он был главным архитектором …

… под его руководством …

пассивные конструкции совершенного вида

… была проведена реконструкция …

… были созданы сад и площадь …

кроме того, обратите внимание, что рассказывая сказку, мы употребляем настоящее время (present tense)

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This story in Russian language will be useful for everyone. If you are a complete beginner who just started out studying Russian, it will make you get a feeling for the beautiful Russian language, its intonation and musical variations. Even a fluent or native Russian speaker can enjoy the content and beautiful Russian language.

Listen to the recording and read the text in the PDF-document. This is one of the best ways to get the correct pronunciation and intonation of your Russian language.

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